During the advanced training, the students will receive more practical information that will provide them with important areas of ministry such as youth and child ministry, pastoral work, teaching, and auxiliary ministry, with a particular emphasis on leadership training.

The emphasis on advanced education is about training for the ministry (Ephesians 4:11; 1 Corinthians 12:28) and preparing for spiritual leadership.

Upon successful completion of this level of education, students will receive a diploma from the Rhema Bible Education College. In order to graduate, one must take all courses, have successfully completed assignments and tests, reading assignments, as well as completing the internship.

The subjects  are:

Bible Keys to Divine Healing
An overview of the fundamental biblical method, how to receive and receive healing, and the importance of working in partnership with God in this area is provided.

Biblical Perspectives on Ministry of  Helps
The significance of the ministry of helps is analyzed  from a biblical perspective that leads to an effective ministry in God’s kingdom.

Charismatic Perspectives
There is a wide reference to important events and personalities of the last century, especially the Pentecost and charismatic movement, as well as the development of the Word of Faith movement, mainly in Europe.

Church Planting
It deals with an overview of the important requirements for the spiritual and practical side of founding, but also how to help a shepherd of a church (developing a vision and plan).

Effective Ministry
It deals with real-life situations in areas such as counseling, visits, and pastoral work.

An analysis is made of the signs of the last days, the chronology of events and their significance to us as Christians.

The Gospel of John
It is about a detailed study of the Gospel of John and an explanation of how its content can be applied to our daily lives.

The purpose of this course is to learn “the art and science of sermon.” This includes the ways in which you can prepare a sermon outline, as well as verbal and nonverbal communication.

Introduction to Children’s Ministry
The purpose is an overview of how you can teach individual age groups, work with volunteers, design and organize large children’s gatherings.

Introduction to Missions
This lesson gives an overview on the topic of missions and shows how important they are in the days we live in. Local and global missions.

Introduction to the world of religion
It offers an introduction to the world’s major religions and beliefs that have a look at the various religious groups.

Pastoral Care Issues
Scriptural ways you can deal with various situations in life, such as death, marriage, divorce, and more.

Learning and Teaching Principles
We will discuss 6 principles that you need to apply when teaching and training others.

Ministerial Ethics 

It includes a study of the definition, the basic characteristics and practical principles of the worker’s ethics and ministry.

People Skills
It offers a deeper understanding of the qualities and qualities of a leader, good leadership, how to lead people, how to handle different and difficult personalities, and how to resolve conflicts and build effective communication.

Life of Praise
In this lesson we will see how important biblical worship and doctrine are to a living relationship with God.

Leadership principles
This course deals with the practical application of leadership principles and teamwork together with the right way of building and organizing.

Management plan
It is designed to teach you how to design and prepare a church of any size through teaching and practical examples.

Behind the Pulpit
The student will have the opportunity to design and preach his own message, which will include all the prerequisites for building a message.

Spiritual leadership
The purpose of this lesson is to analyze and refer to the spiritual leader’s qualifications, obligations, and responsibilities in the body of Christ.

Ministry of Helps
It gives practical knowledge of the various areas of ministry of helps as well as knowledge of the importance and value of this ministry to the church.

Time management
This lesson shows the importance of managing time well and how you can effectively apply that knowledge to accomplish your goal.

Youth Ministry
The purpose of this course is to answer questions such as: What do you need to better understand young people? How can we make this generation more effective?