Basic Training Courses

The purpose of Basic Training is to build a solid foundation of the basic Christian doctrine. Each student receives a good understanding of “what he believes” and “why he believes it”. 
What you learn during this time should impact your life and alter your life style in a biblical way.

To receive a certificate of completion for the Basic Training, requirements include: attending all class hours, successful completion of the written assignments or tests of a module, reading material, as well the completion of a practicum. With the certificate of completion for the Basic Training a student can move to the second level, the Advanced Training.


Aspects of Grace

The meaning, usage and effects of the different aspects of the grace of God in the life of the individual.

Authority of the Believer I

What is authority? When and how do we obtain authority? What authority did we get from God and how do we exercise it? These questions and more are covered in this course.Teaching about the importance of the Name of Jesus, the authority in the Name of Jesus, and its benefits in the life of the believer. This class also deals with what the Bible really saying about the subject of “Spiritual Warfare”.

Bible Research and Study Methods

Learn about the different methods of bible study (i.e. word study, character study, topical and passage study).


Helps the student to develop greater confidence in the integrity of the Bible. This is accomplished by examining proofs of the Bible’s divine origin, the reliability of a translation,and the transmission of biblical manuscripts from the original copies to the present.

Blood Covenant

To introduce the biblical importance of the blood covenant and to create an awareness of its principles, application, and influence on the participants.

Charismatic Perspectives

Important events and people during the last century, mostly the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement as well the development of the Word of Faith Movement, mainly in Europe.

Christ the Healer

A study of 25 reasons that show us that healing is the will of God for today.


This course gives us a better understanding of church government in the New Testament, the local church and the spiritual leadership offices.


Signs of the end times, the timely order of end time events and their meaning for us as Christians.

Faith Foundations

What is faith? How does faith come? How do we activate faith? How do I use the shield of faith?

Giving & Receiving

Recognize the will of God regarding prosperity and learn the motivation as well as the responsibility of every believer in connection to finances.


Explanation of the most often used and widely accepted principles of Bible Interpretation and their practical application.

History of the Christian Church

Important events and people during the different periods of church history.

Introduction to Evangelism

A general overview of evangelism in the Bible, the motivation for evangelism and its different forms that are found in the Bible.

Introduction to Theology

The most important foundational truths and doctrines of Christian beliefs are defined and clarified.

Life of Honor

A look from a biblical perspective at the God-ordained structure of authority – in the home and in the local and universal church.

Love of God

The goal of this class is to recognize how God’s display of love for man translates to our love – one for another.

Marriage, Family & Ministry

Teaching about the practical and spiritual aspects of family life and ministry.

New Testament Literature

General overview of the New Testament, the content and purpose of the different books.

Old Testament Literature

The general foundation, message and historical events of the Old Testament will be covered, as well as a look at the lives of various Old Testament saints.

Paul’s Theology of Righteousness

A practical study of the subject of “righteousness by faith” verses “righteousness by works”.

Pneumatology I

The person and divinity of the Holy Spirit and His work in the life of every believer. This class also deals with the subject of how to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Pneumatology II (Gifts of the Spirit)

Each of the nine Gifts of the Spirit will be taught as to their specific operation, manifestation and distribution within the Body of Christ. It is also desired that each student will become more aware of the fact that the Spirit is the one that distributes the gifts as He wills, for the profit of all and that no person individually controls any particular gift.

Practical Theology Ministry

Faithfulness as the key for the ministry, calling and separation to the ministry; character development and qualifications for the ministry. We will also talk about how to effectively lead a small group.

Prayer Principles I + II

The purpose and importance of prayer, different kinds of prayer that are found in the Bible and being led by the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Principles of Spiritual Formation

The necessity of spiritual growth as a foundation for being able to fulfill the will of God.

Redemptive Realities

We discuss the standing we have with God through the redemptive work of Christ. (“In Him” Realities).

Spiritual Leadership

Qualifications for spiritual leaders and their duties and their responsibilities in the Body of Christ.