Proxwrimeni ThessalRegular training duration is a 2 year program. Courses are divided into Basic and Advanced Training. Because some people would like to attend the full training, but due to other commitments they might not be able to.  We created in Rhema Greece this program, the “Extended Training. “

The program of” EXTENDED TRAINING ” is for anyone to finish all studies without the strict limitation of having to do it within two years.  In this program the student may attend any class he/she wants, whenever he/she wants, as long as he/she completes the entire curriculum (all 24 courses)of each program(initial or advanced training) within two years.

This is extended beyond the normal program, instead of taking a year for Basic training and one year for the Advanced training it will take two years for basic and two years for advanced training.

Upon the successful completion of the 2 programs, the graduate will receive a Diploma from Rhema Bible Training Center Greece.

Who can attend this program:

Pastors, Ministers, Employees , People with a busy schedule and everyone who wants to equip himself for his own life and for the work of ministry.