memonomena athinaSomeone who can not for any reason attend at normal rhythm Rhema Bible Training Center of Greece, but wants to attend a course just because he/she wants to enrich his knowledge in this particular point of the word or in a specific subject, can come and sit under anointed and experienced instructors to attend the course.
There is no restriction on when, how much or what lessons one can attend.

The only restriction is that the week the student will attend the course he/she has chosen must be 20 minutes earlier than the schools starts, and while being in class must abide by the rules of Rhema Bible Training Centre Greece which must be applied by all without any exception.

Taking part in one or more courses in this specific program will not allow you to make an exchange if you later want to get into a regular program and do these courses.

In this program one can not get a diploma or earn points for universities, but neither will be asked to give written exams.

Who can attend this program?

Pastors, ministers, employees, busy and everyone who would like more knowledge on specific topics / areas of the Word of God.

We encourage you, Make a gift to yourself or to someone you care a specific course.