62375975_848395148863935_3078020250055213056_nEvery student of Rhema Bible Training Center Greece, is required to be a member of a local church. And also to faithfully serve in the ministries of helps, and participate in the meetings as part of their practical ministry training. Each school year contains 24 lessons the students must be involved by completing 100 hours of practical training per year. Serving in different areas of the Ministries of Helps included in the local church body may include outreach ministries where the student is involved.

In order for the hours to be accepted, the Pastor of the church where the student is a member must complete a form that was sent to him showing the hours served and also the position.
(For someone who has chosen a program of extended training correspond Practice 4 hours for each course).

Part of the practice includes:

  • Participation in conferences of the church and other churches and ministries such as Rhema Greece.62426862_848397378863712_5013642717645766656_n
  • Help in various ministries and churches.
  • Projects.
  • Preaching or Teaching – Sermons.
  • Missionary trips.
  • Evangelism and other ministry outreaches.

During the practical training each student may have the opportunity to participate first hand in different activities that will help them significantly for the ministry and for their own lives something which we put a great emphasis.