The Rhema Bible Training Center Greece is a faith school. Priority for us is the teaching of the Word and that someone will learn to live and be led by the Holy Spirit.
Our next priority is to help all our students to grow in faith. One of the areas that each student should learn to get victory, is in their own finances.

We do not want the opposite to happen. Our purpose is not for someone to become just a student at Rhema and  receive a diploma but also to grow spiritually and achieve higher levels for their personal Christian life, for their family, their future and also for the work of the ministry which he or she is called to and above all for the glory of the Lord.

Knowing that there are people who are in a real need for financial support ( especially in these difficult financial days we are living ) in order to reach the destination that the Lord has for each of them, we can and we have managed to help  a limited number of students specifically    those who truly desire to grow spiritually and to prepare for the work of ministry, but who really do not have the finances to afford it. There are criterias in the selection of the candidates for  some kind of support or a full  scholarship.