When God calls you for something He makes everything which is necessary available for you in order to do that job.When it was time for me to know God deeply and serve Him as He deserves to be served, God brought Rhema to Greece , just at the right time and in the right place.This is where I got filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues (for I didn’t have enough knowledge about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues ).God has changed my life, my work and my home. I got promotion at my workplace with salary increase in spite of current financial crisis in Greece, and that came for using the knowledge of sawing and reaping.One of the things that I am sure for me 100% is that the will of God in my life was , to join Rhema.I thank God everyday for He gave me this privilege , to be in Rhema.If somebody wants to know God and serve Him, I can confidently say that RHEMA is the best place to join and do so.
Rhema Bible Training Greece changed my life. I stopped being a Christian of a Wednesday and Sunday service, but I began to live the gospel, began to demand and to believe the promises of God in my life, one by one. I learned to stand with authority and to face everything with the shield of faith, to rebuke the enemy out of my life, to put the Lord first and seek doing everything He called me to do with a Spirit of excellence.
Maria Lygeraki - Liouta

A wonderful thing that has happened to me after accepting Jesus Christ is going Rhema Bible Training Centre. I learned the powerful teaching of faith. One of the things that drew me to Rhema Bible Training Centre was that I wanted to get to know God better so that my relationship with Him would not be passive and cold but so that He can be my best friend in my life. I can say with no doubt that Rhema Bible Training Centre has influenced and changed my life in a great degree. If I had the opportunity to re- enroll at Rhema Bible Training Centre I would do it again. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful, best and most important decisions that someone can make.

Eri Ziu


Rhema Bible Training Center through the great and anointed teaching opened my mind to the most important chapter which is the application of God’s Word.
I deeply thank and praise God for helping me in making the decision to go to Rhema and for supporting me all the way to my graduation.
Eleni Makrinioti Gerokostopoulou
What followed these two years of training is difficult to put in words. But the simplest way I can say it is that what I am living is a divine change. My relationship with the Lord is at its best, my character has changed, my family changed my whole life changed. I learned things that never heard before. I understand the things of God in another level. I have a better relationship with the Father and now I can teach others the same teaching I received from Rhema so that their life will change too. Rhema is a well for the ones who are thirsty for God.
John Koutsis
I learned about Rhema Bible Training Center two years ago. I got to know God’s love, His plans and His Kingdom in a deeper way. I learned about the authority He gave to the Church in His name, Jesus Christ. With this authority as a child of God I started to practice it on different attacks and pressures in my life.
I thank God that He gave me the privilege to go to Rhema Bible Training Center, so that I can have revelation of God’s Word, to rise up in faith and to be led by the Holy Spirit.
Yannes Perdikis
From the moment I met pastor Spyros Voulgaris and hearing the teachings of Rhema Bible Training Center my life changed dramatically. My relationship with my wife has been restored by good communication and appreciation. We live great moments of joy in our home with our child. Our daughter always tell us how blessed she is that she has us as parents.
Not only has my family changed but our relatives and friends see a difference in us. We are now an example of Christ. People around us that are searching for answers to their problems ask for our opinion.
I’m grateful to God and to Rhema Bible Training Centre for the teachings that I received these past two years. I also thank pastor Spyros Voulgaris who has given his heart in serving God with honor and reverence. I thank pastors Kenneth and Lynette Hagin for the work they are doing in the world and that they brought Rhema Bible Training Center to Greece.“God is a good Father, as long as you have an intimate relationship with Him”
Stathis Lioutas