I came across that point in my life where I was in great need to get deeper with God and serve him as he deserves to be served. It was right at that time where God brought Rhema to Greece.I made the step and I was what we call “ At the right time At the right place”.
When God calls you for something He equips you with everything necessary for you to do what He has called you for.
One of my highlights in Rhema was having an encounter with the Holy Spirit, the Baptism and His amazing power to work in our lives as I knew very little about the Holy Spirit before joining Rhema.
Through the balanced teaching in Rhema and by applying what I was being taught – God radically changed my life , my family and my work.
I got a promotion at my workplace with a salary increase despite the current financial crisis in Greece, and that was a result of the revelational knowledge I received in Rhema about the “ Sowing and Reaping” Principle.
One of the things that I am sure for me 100% is that it was the will of God in my life to join Rhema.
I thank God everyday for the privilege He gave me to be part of Rhema. Now I am pastoring the church that I was attending before studying at Rhema as God had me prepared first by equipping me. 
In Rhema we say “Preparation time is never a wasted time!
If somebody wants to know more about God and how to serve Him, I can shout it loud that RHEMA is the best place to join and be trained for your personal walk with God and the work of ministry.


              CarolynRhema has been A LIFE CHANGER

Even though I have attend Church most of my life, I still felt confused and upset and I knew very little of God and the Bible. 
Rhema was another turning point for me. 
I received the word very well and also started to put into practice in my life, especially at work, at home and with friends. 
I learned to pray more in tongues and to speak to God and also to listen to Him. Mathew 6:33 says “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Make God first priority over other things in life.
The speakers at Rhema have enabled me deepen and strengthen my relationship with Him and an understanding of Him.
I am no longer the same person, Rhema has been a life changer. 
God molds us and shows us paths we should take.
Thank you Rhema

Caroline Karuri


KOUPAGod radically Changed me through Rhema

My studies at Rhema Thessaloniki brought a radical change in my life as the truth and the power of the word of God truly sets us free.

It helped me understand what the word of God says about healing as one of my family members specifically my mother was seriously sick and I would like to add here that all the Rhema team greatly supported us with their prayers and stood with us in faith.
The teaching on the three parts of the human being helped me understand and know better myself so that I can stand and fight effectively. 
A word of faith was given to me the first day that I started Rhema and it was fulfilled after two years while I was still in school which was a great encouragement for me. 

The teaching concerning marriage and the relationship between the two genders is one of the top courses that touched me and which is greatly needed in our nation.

Generally speaking Rhema helped me to focus on the word of God and taught me how to listen carefully to the leading of the Holy Spirit Within me as the highest authority in my life, to search Jesus and not be transformed by the desires or the leading of the surrounding people or the situations.


Katerina Koupa - Rhema Thessaloniki



 I builded my christian life on solid foundation

Rhema Bible Training College has greatly helped me on a personal level to know my identity in Christ, who I am, and what I have as a believer. 
There is a variety of anointed instructors, proven ministers of the Word. They bring a rich experience of ministry, and a God given teaching anointing. The impartations which happen in the classroom raise your expectations
The classes exceed theory and teach you practical ways how to stand and receive the promises of God, and experience His blessings. 
The revelation of truth I received has significantly and meaningfully changed my life, creating strong foundations in my Christian life. I see my faith growing! My family and I are living in a greater depth of the things of God, and we are experiencing blessings in the spiritual and in the natural.
Voula Dimara 
Rhema Greece Graduate

Voula Dimara


Rhema Has been a lifetime landmark

Rhema has become a lifetime landmark for me and my family. The balanced teaching from anointed and experienced instructors from all over the world at Rhema helped to change my life in many aspects. As a family of five members living in Greece during the recession, we saw our finances blossom because of applying the simple truth we were first taught at Rhema. I got to know the love of the Father much better, I learnt how to stand in faith in the promises of God and that affected my marriage, my relationship with people and my ministry at my church. Each lesson is better than the previous one and it is structured in such a way that we want to live out Christ practically right after we leave class. Rhema has been an answer to our prayers. Thank you Rhema…

Sofianopoulos Tasos