Making the Choice

What Distinguishes RHEMA Bible Training Center (RBTC) From Other Bible Schools?

Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin: “I believe there is no better place to train for the ministry tha n RBTC because of the balance between the practical and the spiritual. I have often said that the natural and the supernatural coming together make an explosive force for God. And that’s what you get at RBTC. You get a lot of practical information that you will find very useful in your personal life and ministry. At the same time, you will receive spiritual ‘deposits’ that you might not even know are there until a situation comes up in which you need it. My father, Kenneth E. Hagin, once said, ‘Any time of preparation is never lost time.’ That statement has never been truer. Coming to RBTC will both strengthen your relationship with God and help prepare you for the ministry.”

Mrs. Lynette Hagin: “There is nothing like stepping onto the RBTC campus and sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit. That same presence is evident in the classroom as well.

“And the anointing is not only taught. It’s caught. There is something special about being in one place with other believers of like precious faith. It’s so important to be able to hear and understand the voice of the Holy Spirit when He is speaking to your spirit. When you come to RBTC, the atmosphere is saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The time you spend training here will help you learn His voice, which will be vital once you step out to do what God has called you to do in life and ministry.”

What advice would you offer to those who are not certain if they should attend RBTC?

Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin: “If you are asking yourself, What should I do with my life? RBTC is a good place to come and find out. It would benefit you to get a solid foundation in the Word and to get the things we teach at RBTC into you. Many times, when people are wondering whether or not they are called to the ministry, they just need to come on and get the training in the Word and in the Spirit. The training will bless them, even if God hasn’t called them to preach or teach. And the training RBTC provides will make them much better laborers when they return to their local churches.”

Rhema Bible Training Center Greece

Deeper personal relationship with God and meaningful change through anointed teaching.
Find out God’s plan for your life.
Trained teachers with extensive experience in ministry.
Comfortable and clear way of teaching.
Full and effective curriculum.
Almost 40 years experience in the establishment and development of Bible schools.
An experience that changes lives!